Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Omnihomeful Chronicles Part 1

I have been officially homeless for the last three days.  I've been staying at a temporary address with some relatives for 13 months.  And now I am on my own and living in my car for three days.

A wonderful friend was able to provide a soft comfy bed for me the last few days and tonight will be my first night sleeping in the car.  Last night, I was laying in that soft comfy bed completely freaked out about my plight.  I kept thinking to myself that tomorrow would be the scariest day of my life.  Boy did that make me completely hopelessly depressed.  And then I asked myself a question.  Is it true that tomorrow will be the scariest day of my life.  Have I ever done anything scarier than sleep in my car?  Doh!  Of course!  I've done a few vision quests for which I stayed on a desert mountaintop by myself for three days.  That was a lot scarier (on the first night only) than sleeping in a relatively comfy relatively warm locked car in a secure location.  Then I thought of all the times I've been camping.  This is even safer than that.  There are several gas stations and fast food places nearby, so I have a place to deposit my daily excretions.  There's a Wellness and Recovery Center not too terribly far away where I can shower and do my laundry for free.  I have food stamps.  I have several free support groups I can go too.  I think I'll be OK!  I'm not homeless, I'm omnihomeful!

I will be posting frequently from the library computer in between appointments at the welfare office and the Social Security Office.  I'll keep you updated on this labyrinthine process and pass on resources as I find them.  I have more time for arting, so I will be making things from supplies I have left over from my salary days and from things I find.  I'll take pictures with my cell phone and e-mail them to myself and then post them here.  Fun!!!!!

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M said...

You attitude truly touches my heart to the point of tears. You are so courageous and inspiring. I am in awe of you.