Friday, November 15, 2013


I've been stressing and guilting about this blog for quite awhile now, so I am going to change the format and focus to make it more useful and interesting.  What finally stirred me to get moving on this is the Halloween Configuration Book project on Richele Christensen's blog at  I've been wanting to post pictures of my progress on her blog, but my attempts to upload have failed.

It's back to Blogging 1A for me.

Here are pictures of my progress.  Sorry, I am not yet fabulous at taking pictures inside.

Part 1, Create Cover

Part 2, Line and Tissue Tape configuration boxes, allow cat to pose.

Part 3, Boo
Part 4, Bone Dust

Part 5, Pumpkin Patch

Part 6, Trick 'R Treaters in the spooky night

Part 7, Cameo

Part 8, Graveyard

Part 9, Skeleton with Lantern

Part 10, Wreath

Part 11, Front Cover of Unfinished Book

Part 12, Clock

Part 13, Spider Cage

Part 14, Owl on a Branch

Part 15, Apothecary with Spell Book
Part 15, Finished Front Cover

Part 15, Finished Wide Open

Part 15, Finished Boxes Inside

Thanks so much, Richele, for your awesome inspiration.

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